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CLOSED - Apply for Strategic Collaboration Funding 2018

The call for the Strategic Collaboration Fund is usually made in January of each year. This round will be open for applications from 31 January to 6 April 2018. The online form for applications is below.

The key principles of the fund are to:

  • enable innovative collaborative projects, programmes and activities to be initiated and catalysed
  • support/create a culture of collaboration and bilateral working 
  • foster the delivery of activity that has strategic value
  • build on, or develop opportunities that lead to internationally leading/world-class research, teaching or best practice in Professional Services within the two organisations
  • enable the building of personal relationships on which collaborations thrive
  • be administratively light touch, whilst ensuring proposals are of the highest quality 
  • deliver a clear benefit and added value to both institutions
  • deliver, or potentially lead to, genuine and sustained impact (in the broadest sense)
  • support projects, programmes and activities that may not be funded via other routes

Applications must be made using the online form below, however a word version of the application form can be downloaded to aid the process of compiling the bid. You might also want to look at some frequently asked questions. PLEASE NOTE THE CALL FOR 2018 FUNDING HAS NOW CLOSED.

Case studies are available for some previously funded research and professional services projects. Please note applications for collaborative education projects should be made through the Education Partnership Fund.



Start your funding application here - PLEASE NOTE THE CALL FOR 2018 FUNDING HAS NOW CLOSED.

Please note that you will not be able to save your application once you have started it, so please ensure you have all information available at the outset. A word version of the application form can be downloaded from the link above. 

  • Applicant Information
    Main project leads and contact details
  • Primary point of contact - email


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of applications a PI can lead on?

Currently there is no limit to the number of applications a PI can lead on, however if there are significant similarities between proposals it is likely the panel would questions why multiple proposals have been submitted rather than one combined application.

If collaborations are distinct from each other there is no rule precluding submission of multiple applications, with each application assessed on its own merit.

Who can be PI on a BNSCF application?

Proposals should be led by the individuals who are best placed to facilitate the collaboration between the two institutions. There are no requirements regarding the seniority of PIs.  

Can previously rejected applications be re-submitted?

Yes. Applications which have previously not been funded can be re-submitted however, applicants are encouraged to look at ways in which the application can be strengthened and developed.

What is the success rate for previous rounds of the Birmingham-Nottingham Strategic Collaboration Fund?

Since the fund launched in 2012, the average success rate has been 17%.

Do applications have to be for large-scale collaborations?

No. The fund has been established to support collaborations between the two institutions. There are two streams of funding available through the BNSCF:

  • Creativity funding: to support formative discussions between groups at the two institutions enabling exploration of key complementary strengths and new/emerging opportunities with the aim of creating the foundations for new collaborations/engagement that have the potential to create a step change in our research and knowledge transfer, or professional services activities.
  • Accelerator funding: to provide funding to pump-prime further developments between the institutions that will forge significant, sustainable activities that respond to/create new opportunities (e.g. for centres, funding, high quality research outputs, partnerships etc.) that will deliver a genuine and sustained impact for both institutions.

Can applicants apply for Accelerator funding if they haven’t previously received Creativity funding?

Yes. There is no requirement for Creativity funding to have been received before applicants can apply for Accelerator funding. The fund is available to support collaborations between the two institutions so the type and level of funding applied for should be appropriate to facilitate the proposed collaboration.

Can BNSCF funding be used to support collaborative PhD studentships between the two institutions?

No. The BNSCF cannot be used to support PhD studentships, in full or in part. However, applications to recruit a PhD student following the completion of their PhD to enable/facilitate a collaboration would be considered.

My application is for an education focused collaboration, where can I submit this?

A separate fund (the Education Partnership Fund) has been established to fund collaborative educational enhancement projects. The deadline for EPF Expressions of Interest is 6 April 2018

Queries about the Education Partnership Fund should be directed to:

Should projects be costed at Full Economic Cost (fEC)?

No. Indirect and estates costs are not eligible under this fund and only direct costs should be included. 

Who should I contact for more information?

For more information please contact Soma Mukherjee at the University of Nottingham or Natalie Kopecky at the University of Birmingham. 

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