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Selected COMPARE Publications

Hollinshead, K.E.R., Munford, H., Eales, K., Bardella, C., Li, C., Escribano-Gonzalez, C., Nonnenmacher, Y., Thakker, A., Murren, R., Cuozzo, F., Ye, D., Laurenti, G., Zhu, W., Hiller, K., Hodson, D.J., Hua, W., Tomlinson, I., Ludwig, C., Mao, Y. and Tennant, D.A. (2018). Oncogenic IDH1 mutations promote enhanced proline synthesis through PYCR1 to support the maintenance of mitochondrial redox homeostasis. Cell Rep.

Benninger, R.K.P. and Hodson, D.J. (2018). New understanding of beta cell heterogeneity and in-situ islet function. Diabetes. 67:537-547

Beazley-Long N, Moss CE, Ashby WR, Bestall SM, Almahasneh F, Durrant AM, Benest AV, Blackley Z, Ballmer-Hofer K, Hirashima M, Hulse RP, Bates DO, Donaldson LF, (2018). VEGFR2 promotes central endothelial activation and the spread of pain in inflammatory arthritis. Brain, Behav & Imm (online)

Briddon SJ, Kilpatrick LE, Hill SJ, (2018). Studying GCPR pharmacology in membrane microdomains:  Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy comes of age.  Trends Pharmacol. Sci. (Review)

Rayes J, Lax S, Wichaiyo S, Watson SK,  Di Y, Lombard S, Grygielska B, Smith SW, Skordilis K, Watson SP, (2017). The podoplanin-CLEC-2 axis inhibits inflammation in sepsis. Nat Commun 8: 2239

Sungkaworn T, Jobin ML, Burnecki K, Weron A, Lohse MJ, Calebiro D, (2017). Single-molecule imaging reveals receptor–G protein interactions at cell surface hot spots. Nature. 550: 543-547

Sykes DA, Moore H, Stott L, Holliday N, Javitch JA, Lane JR, Charlton SJ, (2017). Extrapyramidal side effects of antipsychotics are linked to their association kinetics at dopamine D2 receptors. Nat Commun. 8: 763

Ponomaryov T, Payne H, Fabrtz L, Wagner DD and Brill A, (2017). Mast cells granular contents are crucial for deep vein thrombosis in mice. Circ Res. 121: 941:950

Matthey M, Roberts R, Seidinger A, Simon A, Schroder R, Kuschak M, Annala S, Konig GM, Muller CE, Hall IP, Kostenis E, Fleischmann BK, Wenzel D, (2017). Targeted inhibition of Gq signaling induces airway relaxation in mouse models of asthma. Sci Transl Med.  9 : 407

Botfield HF, Uldall MS, Westgate CSJ, Mitchell J, Hagen SM, Gonzalez A-M, Hodson DJ, Jensen RH, Sinclair AJ, (2017). A glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist reduces intracranial pressure in a rat model of hydrocephalus. Sci Transl Med. 23: 9 (404) 

Hobbs BD, de Jong K, Lamontagne M, Bossé Y, Shrine N, Artigas MS, Wain LV, Hall IP et al, (2017). Genetic loci associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease overlap with loci for lung function and pulmonary fibrosis. Nat Genetics. 49: 426-432

Johnston NR, Mitchell RK, Haythorne E, Paiva Pessoa M, Semplici F, Ferrer J, Piemonti L, Marchetti P, Bugliani M, Bosco D, Berishvili E, Duncanson P, Watkinson, M, Broichhagen J, Trauner D, Rutter GA, Hodson DJ, (2016). Beta cell hubs dictate pancreatic islet responses to glucose. Cell Metab. 24: 389-401. 

Frank JA, Yushchenko D, Hodson DJ, Lipstein N, Nagpal J, Rutter GA, Rhee J-S, Gottschalk A, Brose N, Schultz C, Trauner D, (2016). Photoswitchable diacylglycerols enable optical control of protein kinase C. Nat Chem Biol. 12: 755-62. 

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