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The Ultramicroscope II

The Ultramicroscope II is a light sheet microscope used for 3D fluorescent imaging of large, clarified samples. The microscope is capable of delivering cellular details while keeping the overview of your sample. The system is equipped with dual light sheets that excite the sample from two views improving signal homogeneity and reducing shadowing. Advantages of the system compared to a confocal microscope include high speed acquisition of 3D data (x,y,z), decreased photobleaching and the ability to image large samples e.g. mouse brain. Laser lines include 488, 561, 640 and 760 nm.

Large samples need to be cleared to reduce opacity, therefore the UltramicroscopeII is compatible with a range of aqueous and solvent based clearing solutions including CLARITY, CUBIC, 3DISCO and iDISCO.  

Please note the microscope is not suitable for projects that require sub-cellular resolution. COMPARE has a range of microscope for these applications, please visit our technology page for information.


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Ultra Microscope Bham

Ultramicroscope II

The Ultramicroscope II is available at The University of Birmingham site. Please contact Joao Correia for enquiries. 


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