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Steve Hill and Steve Watson have known each other for over 30 years, and have complementary expertise in G-protein coupled receptors and tyrosine-kinase coupled receptors. They have a joint vision of identifying new ways to visualise these receptors using advanced microscopy to identify novel biologics and small molecular weight inhibitors with the aim of combating cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Steve Hill

Steve Hill is a Professor of Molecular Pharmacology at the University of Nottingham. His research focuses on the molecular pharmacology of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) and their signalling, with a special interest in single ligand-receptor interactions in membrane microdomains.

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Steve Watson

Steve Watson is a British Heart Foundation Professor in Cardiovascular Sciences and Cellular Pharmacology and head of the Birmingham Platelet Group. His research focuses on platelet function in health and disease with a special interest in tyrosine kinase-coupled receptors and their signalling pathways.

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Deputy Directors

Styles Iain

Iain Styles

Iain is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science, Deputy Director of COMPARE and Co-Director of the EPSRC Research and Training Centres in Physical Sciences of Imaging for the Biomedical Sciences and Physical Sciences for Healthcare. His research interests span a range of computational topics in imaging and image analysis including microscopic image analysis, optical image reconstruction, and mass spectrometry imaging.

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Woolard Jeanette

Jeanette Woolard

Jeanette is a Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology and Pharmacology in the School of Life Sciences and Deputy Director of COMPARE.  She uses a variety of in vivo cardiovascular models to investigate the molecular pharmacology of ligand-receptor interactions.  She obtained a first class Honours BSc degree in Life Sciences (1997) and an MSc in Cardiovascular Pharmacology (1999) from Queen’s University, Canada.  Subsequently, Jeanette moved to the UK to undertake PhD studies with Professors Terry Bennett and Sheila Gardiner at the University of Nottingham (2002).  During this time, she was introduced to their novel in vivo cardiovascular model that allows simultaneous monitoring of blood flow velocity in three different vascular beds in a whole-model system, whilst also continuously monitoring mean arterial pressure and heart rate.  

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Imaging Officers

Goulding Joelle

Joëlle Goulding -  Research Fellow in Advanced Microscopy, 
University of Nottingham 

In April 2017, Joëlle Goulding was appointed as Research Fellow in Advanced Microscopy for COMPARE at the University of Nottingham.  Joëlle completed her PhD in Nottingham in Genetics and following a postdoc studying adult stem cells in the cerebellum she joined the Cell Signalling Research Group headed by Prof Steve Hill. Within the group she has employed a number of imaging techniques and analysis strategies to study the pharmacology of Class A GPCRs. Most recently, Joëlle has worked on a collaborative BHF funded grant developing imaging techniques to study how polymorphic variants of the β2-adrenergic receptor can affect receptor function within stem cells and differentiated cell types.

Joëlle has a particular interest in imaging stem cells and methods of investigating endogenous levels of receptor expression. She will be continuing to develop research within fluorescence correlation spectroscopy alongside testing methodologies for the study of membrane receptors with the newly acquired Olympus LV200 and PhaseFocus Livecyte.
0115 82 30458


Kavanagh Dee

Dee Kavanagh – Microscope Officer, University of Birmingham

In March 2017, Dr Dee Kavanagh joined COMPARE as the microscope officer at the University of Birmingham. Dee received her PhD in microfluidics in 2012 from Heriot-Watt University before carrying out her post-doctoral research within the Edinburgh Super-Resolution Imaging Centre (ESRIC), where she applied advanced imaging techniques to study regulated secretion at the level of single proteins.  Here, she gained expertise in single molecule microscopies as well as single photon counting techniques. These techniques are extremely powerful tools to probe the interactions, conformations, dynamics and the nano-scale positions of proteins in cells. In her role at COMPARE, Dee will work closely to support users to optimize and develop their research ideas using advanced imaging techniques. She will provide specialist training for the microscopy technologies available at COMPARE, including single molecule microscopies, structured illumination, single plane illumination, TIRF microscopy and confocal microscopy.
0121 414 3325 


Pike Jeremy

Jeremy Pike – Research Fellow in Image Analysis, 
University of Birmingham

Jeremy Pike joined COMPARE in 2017 as a Research Fellow in Image Analysis and is based at the University of Birmingham. Jeremy completed his PhD in Birmingham where he developed automated image analysis workflows to quantify receptor trafficking using confocal microscopy. Subsequently he worked as an image analyst and microscopy specialist at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. Here he developed expertise in a range of analysis techniques and applied these methods to applications in cancer research, including the development of automated feedback microscopy protocols. 

In his role at COMPARE Jeremy will collaborate with  research groups to design image analysis workflows. Alongside this, he will provide a range of training courses using leading open-source software. 
0121 414 4442 


Group Leaders

Baker Jillian

Jillian Baker

University of Nottingham


Bates Dave

David Bates

University of Nottingham


Bicknell Roy

Roy Bicknell

University of Birmingham


Briddon Steve

Steve Briddon

University of Nottingham


Brill Alex

Alex Brill

University of Birmingham


Calebiro Davide

David Calebiro

University of Birmingham

Canals Meri

Meri Canals

University of Nottingham


Charlton Steve

Steven Charlton

University of Nottingham

Denning Chris

Chris Denning

University of Nottingham


Emsley Jonas

Jonas Emsley

University of Nottingham

Gorvin Caroline

Caroline Gorvin

University of Birmingham


Hall Ian

Ian Hall

University of Nottingham

Herten Dirk-Peter-230x230

Dirk-Peter Herten

University of Birmingham


Hodson David

David Hodson

University of Birmingham


Kalia Neena

Neena Kalia

University of Birmingham


Kellam Barrie

Barrie Kellam

University of Nottingham


Lane Rob

Rob Lane

University of Nottingham


Mendes Paula

Paula Mendes

University of Birmingham

Mercer Jason

Jason Mercer

University of Birmingham


Neeley Rob

Robert Neeley

University of Birmingham

Owen Dylan

Dylan Owen

University of Birmingham


Poulter Natalie

Natalie Poulter

University of Birmingham


Thomas Steve

Steven Thomas

University of Birmingham


Tomlinson Mike

Mike Tomlinson

University of Birmingham

Wheatley Mark

Mark Wheatley

Coventry University (Honorary Professor, University of Birmingham)


Veprintsev Dmitry

Dmitry Veprintsev

University of Nottingham


Management and Administration Team

Afferion Sharmaine

Sharmaine Afferion 
COMPARE Administrator (Birmingham) (Tue-Thur)
+44 (0)121 414 8739 


Halford Gayle

Gayle Halford 
Research Co-ordinator (Birmingham)
+44 (0)121 415 8680 





COMPARE PI Technology Spotlight

The Technology Spotlight (PDF) is a compendium of research questions and technologies used by COMPARE PIs. This document has been created to assist colleagues in establishing collaborative areas of research across COMPARE.  

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