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COMPARE at the University of Nottingham have recently taken receipt of and set up two exciting new systems, the Olympus LV (Luminoview) 200 and the Phase Focus Livecyte. 

Phase Focus LiveCyte

The Phase Focus Livecyte is a unique microscope which uses ptychography, a phase retrieval method, to generate high contrast phase images to enable live cell, label free, quantitative imaging. The environmental chamber which controls temperature, humidity and gas exchange allows cells to be maintained and imaged, remotely if required, for long time periods. Livecyte supports multiple plate formats and the automated imaging can be programmed to visit set wells or entire plates recording both phase and fluorescence data via the sCMOS camera. This system is ideal for tracking cell movement for example in scratch wound and migration assays and the associated software analysis is already in place to pull out multiple cell based parameters. Our system has the following objectives; 40x, 20x, 10x, 4x, 2x. 

Details:- Tubulogenesis assay - Differentiation  of HUVECs (Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells)  in 3D matrix.
Acknowledgement:- Viviane Mignone, Maria Arruda, Tim Self and Stephen Hill.

Phasefocus UoN

The Phase Focus Livecyte in place within its own designated microscope room

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