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Marianas diSPIM microscope

The Marianas light-sheet microscope at COMPARE, offers a single- (iSPIM) or dual- (diSPIM) sided light-sheet arrangement on an inverted microscope with a tilted lens configuration.  Application of the dual arrangement results in the collection of two 3D datasets which can be computationally merged together to give 3D isotropic resolution (330 nm in x-y-z). Samples are prepared on conventional glass coverslips and the diSPIM can be used to image cells, cleared tissues (aqueous based clearing solutions only) and small organisms.

DiSPIM Microscope

Set-up of the COMPARE Marianas diSPIM in The Imaging Suite.

The Marianas light-sheet with custom built OKO environment chamber is available in The University of Birmingham Imaging Suite, for all enquiries please contact Joao Correia.

Modalities   Single and dual inverted SPIM
SPIM x-y-z resolution  370 x 370 x 760 nm
diSPIM x-y-z resolution  330 x 330 x 330 nm
SPIM objectives   SPIM: Twin Nikon CFI NIR Apo 40X 0.8 NA 3.5 mm WD (water dipping objectives)
Finder objectives  Zeiss 40x, 20x and 10x Oil lenses
Sample platform   Rectangular coverslips (1.5#, 25 x 50 mm) or petri dishes
Excitation sources  488, 561 and 640 nm laser lines
Emission filters  Shemrock 440/521/607/700 BrightLine quad bandpass filter
Light-sheet camera  Twin Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash4.0 V3 sCMOS 
Finder camera  Hamamatsu ORCA-ER
Environmental control  diSPIM custom designed OKO incubator with temperature, CO2 and humidity control
Software  Slidebook 6
Operating system  Windows 7
Data transfer  10 GB network connection - no external hard drives allowed
Usage  Staff-assisted and self-use allowed (following training)


Switching between illumination and detection on the Marianas diSPIM system.


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