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COMPARE has been cited in a recent article in Times Higher Education, titled "Research Intelligence: how to improve team science"


Introducing a team science culture
While most academics consider themselves good colleagues, the competitive nature of academia can understandably bring out their more individualistic side.

As such, the academy’s report argues that more must be done to foster a team science environment. It praises the approach of the Centre of Membrane Proteins and Receptors, a cross-institutional group involving the universities of Birmingham and Nottingham, which has designated a proportion of its funding to improving team science.

Led by early career researchers, the push for team science has included an awayday to promote team skills, training grants to encourage interdisciplinary collaborations and an annual symposium staged by junior researchers to talk about team science opportunities.

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The Directors and Deputy Directors of COMPARE are delighted that the efforts of the Team Science Committee have been recognised so widely.

Posted on Wednesday 3rd April 2019

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