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Professor Dirk-Peter Herten

Academy of Medical Sciences Professorship

Congratulations to Dirk-Peter Herten who has been awarded an Academy of Medical Sciences Professorship.

Dirks’ research aims at quantitative microscopy approaches to measure protein concentrations, protein copy numbers and binding affinities by use of novel single-molecule techniques. Current focus is on T cell signalling which plays an important role in innate immune response, e.g. on viral infections and thrombo-inflammation. Using single-photon detection and super-resolution microscopy, he is planning to establish a quantitative 3D reconstruction of cellular structures and whole cells reflecting protein copy numbers that hopefully enable quantitative modelling of the underlying signalling cascade. In the long run, the aim is to generalise the method to make it accessible to other researchers on campus, within COMPARE, and if possible within UK.

Posted on Wednesday 1st April 2020

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