University of Nottingham
PhD Presentation 2020

Dr Graham Ladds, University of Cambridge

COMPARE Dual PhD Students' Presentation Day

On the 26th February, the five PhD students directly funded by COMPARE, now in the penultimate year of their programme, presented their results to date and discussed the future directions of their projects with COMPARE colleagues. 

Tremendous talks were given by the students, highlighting how much progress they have made during the first half of their PhDs. Audience members at all different stages of their careers, from professors to students, gave terrific questions probing into the student’s work and enthralling scientific discussions were had.

To follow the student's presentations, Dr Graham Ladds from the University of Cambridge, who has recently been appointed an associate member of COMPARE, gave an engaging talk about Receptor Activity Modifying Proteins (RAMPs). COMPARE members had plenty of questions for Graham about his work and discussions were continued over refreshments after the talks.

The atmosphere throughout the day was positive, friendly and welcoming. This event highlighted how this centre has grown and how collaborations have blossomed across the two institutions over the last few years. The ICS tearoom was filled with chatter and laughter at the end of the day, a sign of a successful event!

Posted on Wednesday 1st April 2020

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